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We are currently not shipping vehicles into or out of the USA


Are you thinking about shipping your vehicle from your current location to a new one? Think no more ! You have found a very well-established and reliable vehicle shipping company, At SHIP MY RIDE we are always willing to assist our customers with their vehicle shipping needs and requirements.

Our many years in the vehicle shipping industry make us the best car shipping company in the industry, we have the ability to ship all over Canada: from province to province, city to city, or even to the United States if that's what you need!

We offer a variety in vehicle shipping services, from Enclosed Car Carriers, where your car is all cover up so it doesn't suffer any damage, to an Open Car Carrier to transport your vehicle anywhere you want. 

Not to mention we offer the Door-To-Door service, which basically consists on us picking up your vehicle at your door and we will be in charge of dropping it off at its new destination, at no time! Or you want something different, you can always choose the Terminal-To-Terminal service, where you will be in charge of the drop-off and pick-up at one of our very safe compounds. 

SHIP MY RIDE provides Vehicle Transportation via Rail as well; your vehicle is transported inside a special rail vehicle specially used for vehicle shipping. Please note that this service is not available to all areas. The main advantage of shipping your auto via Rail is that it can be less expensive if you are shipping your auto along a major train route, in the other side the major disadvantage of shipping your vehicle by train is that it typically takes longer than shipping your vehicle or truck via truck. If you need expedite service, or need to move your car or truck as soon as possible, SHIP MY RIDE is the car shipping company to contact.

Rail Shipping - Ship My Ride

So, hesitate no more and contact us to get a free Shipping Quote!  

Whenever a vehicle is transported, even if it is in an enclosed car carrier, it is recommended for it to carry car insurance. For that reason, here in Ship My Ride we recommend our users to check out Canada Insurance Reviews here you will be able to develop an opinion on different car insurance companies and many other types of insurance.

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