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We are currently not shipping vehicles into or out of the USA


Vehicle shipping - Ship My Ride

Transport your car, truck or SUV in Summerside with us, it does not matter if you are a private or a dealer we will cover your needs for vehicle transport. Transport your car in an open or enclosed trailer or transport by rail or carrier. At SHIP MY RIDE will take care of your car like no other company. We have many years of experience in the vehicle shipping industry!

Summerside was originally named 'Green Shores Bedeque' (GSB) after it's first settler, Daniel Green who was a Quaker Loyalist from Pennsylvania. He had a son named Joseph, and Joseph's hole-in-the-wall inn was to inspire a new name for the community. As the story is told, Colonel Henry Compton once travelled to GSB on a bitterly cold day. As he approached his destination, he found himself sheltered from the frigid wind, and as the sun emerged from the clouds he said: "it's like the summer side of the island here". 

Summersidewas first settled in 1840 when a wharf was constructed and a road was built to St. Eleanors, which was then the shire town of Prince County. Joseph Pope soon built a shipyard at the wharf, and the town began to grow. Summersidebecame a seaport from which goods, such as potatoes, were shipped to mainland New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. On April 1, 1877, Summerside was officially incorporated, but didn't gain city status until 1995.

Do not risk your safety for saving a couple of dollars. Let SHIP MY RIDE handle your vehicle. If you would like to obtain more information about shipping your vehicle you can CONTACT US to get a more detailed quote. If you are looking to ship a vehicle in Sumemrside we are the best choice for you. We are based in Calgary which makes us the perfect company to ship your car in Canada. At SHIP MY RIDE, giving a service on point, will always be one of our goals. 

Summerside shipping - Ship My Ride

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