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Car Shipping, Auto Transport Saskatoon Saskatchewan - Ship My Ride

Our fleet is comprised of open car carriers; they are the same trucks we use in order for us to move the cars or vehicles for auto dealerships in Canada.

SHIP MY RIDE is a Calgary based auto transport company that makes shipping vehicles easy & safe, valuing and respecting the condition of your ride. We have terminals in all the major cities across Canada including Vancouver, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. If you are transporting your vehicle in Canada contact SHIP MY RIDE today and get your car moving! We also provide car transportation by Rail, to provide high-speed and competent service coast to coast.

The history of Saskatoon began with the first permanent settlement of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, when Toronto Methodists, wanting to escape the liquor trade in that city, decided to set up a "dry" community in the rapidly-growing prairie region. As of 1882 this area was a part of the provisional district named Saskatchewan, North-West Territories. Their organization, the Temperance Colonization Society, first examined this area in 1882 and found that it would make an excellent location to found their community based on the ideals of the temperance movement. The settlers, led by John Neilson Lake, arrived on the site of what is now Saskatoon by traveling by railway from Ontario to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and then completing the final leg via horse-drawn cart (the railway had yet to be completed to Saskatoon).

We are a professional car shipping company, certified and completely insured, that can assist you with your car shipping in Saskatoon, whether inside of the province or going to another across Canada or shipping to the USA. Fill in the BOOK MY RIDE auto shipping form for vehicle transport and this way you can book your vehicle when it’s ready for transport.

SHIP MY RIDE offers a door to door vehicle moving service in this province. Contact us for more information.

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