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We are currently not shipping vehicles into or out of the USA
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The presence of 18 wayside crosses and 10 calvaries is an important characteristic of Laval's religious landscape. These heritage monuments were built as gathering and worship sites for parishioners. In 2003, the Societe d'histoire et de genealogie was mandated to restore and reassert their value in order to preserve them and pass on to current and future generations the historica knowledge of Laval's heritage.

Ville de Laval is now part of the Villes et Villages d'art et de patrimoine (VVAP) network.

SHIP MY RIDE also offers door to door delivery auto moving service, which means that we ship your vehicle/car or truck from your old residence to your new residence, your car/vehicle is going to be delivered directly to your house door!

Our car carrier fleet is all about well-maintained auto transport/carrier trailers, insured car shipping trucks, combined with our knowledgeable in automobile transport/shipping business and friendly certified staff will ensure the safe and timely delivery of your ride (vehicle/truck/auto) wherever you want it in Canada and the United States.

At SHIP MY RIDE we take pride in what we do and we value you as our automobile transport customer. We want to be North America’s #1 car transport/moving carrier, to be your first choice when you have to move your vehicle or truck. Doesn’t matter if you have one vehicle/truck, full load (6-9 cars/trucks) or a whole fleet, SHIP MY RIDE offers customized logistics solutions, car transport/moving solutions and great customer service.

SHIP MY RIDE provides vehicle transportation via RAILas well; your automobile or truck is transported inside a special rail car specially used for vehicles. Please note that this service is not available in all areas in Canada.

The main advantage of automobile shipping via Rail is that it can be less expensive if you are shipping along a major train route, in the other side the major disadvantage of moving your auto via train is that it typically takes longer than shipping via trailer.

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