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Nova Scotia auto shipping - Ship My Ride

We can ship your vehicle on open car carrier trailers, enclosed vehicle shipping trailers, across Canada. When you need to transport your vehicle to Nova Scotia SHIP MY RIDE will provide you with free car shipping instant quotes from a certified car carrier as SHIP MY RIDE is, and all of the vehicle transport information you need; but once your vehicle is ready, you can even simply book it for shipping online with our online car shipping booking service. All you have to do is complete the following Auto Transport Order Form.

Throughout its history, Nova Scotia has been called home by many: from early native inhabitants and European explorers, to families escaping turmoil in the United States and immigrants arriving in the New World. As a result, there are now an estimated 25 million people in North America who can claim a family connection to the province. If you’re one of them, you’ll find a Nova Scotia genealogy vacation a great way to discover your family’s roots.

The best way to begin exploring your Nova Scotian connections is by visiting Routes to Your Roots. This free online tool has been built around a database containing 50,000 unique family names in Nova Scotia, dating going back 200 years. Simply input a surname into the search box and you’ll discover where people with matching names have lived in the province. Provincial archives, museums, libraries and historical societies appearing on the map will help you on your genealogical journey as well as providing information on places to stay, nearby attractions, upcoming events and much more.

In Halifax you can be transported from a modern city to a 19th century fortress in an instant. The Halifax Citadel is one of Canada’s most visited National Historic Sites. Walk the ramparts and corridors of this magnificent fortress overlooking Halifax Harbour as you listen to the skirl of bagpipes. Talk to members of the 78th Highland regiment, watch them drill on the parade square and firing their muskets. If you’re here at noon, don’t jump when the noon gun is fired!

Anytime you need a auto transport quote, do not hesitate on calling SHIP MY RIDE inmediately. We strive to constantly provide our customers with the best service avaialable, contact our office or send us an email and we will make sure you receive the proper service that you deserve!



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