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We are currently not shipping vehicles into or out of the USA

ShipMyRide - Auto Transport in Canada
Customer Testimonials

 Though the years we have had the chance to learn form our customers, shipping vehicles from Calgary to Montreal or from Montreal to Calgary.0

 We believe that our car shipping customers have great insight and they can help us better our services everyday.

We have been able to collect some information from them and we want to share it with the WORLD!

Customer's testimonials shipping cars from Calgary, Alberta to Montreal, Quebec

Dodge Caravan shipping from Calgary to Montreal

Shipping a Dodge Caravan, from Calgary, AB. Picking up from my home and moving my car it to my new home in Montreal, QC.
I wish to thank you for a very good professional and fast car shipping service that you provide to me.
I'm specially impressed in respect to your schedule and rapid vehicle delivery service. It was nice to have the option to book my car shipping from my home, the additional fee was worth it for me.

Yours Truly,
Robert B.
(April 2015)

Mitsubishi Lancer moved from Laval to Calgary

Delivered! I shipped my Mitsubishi Lancer from Laval, QC to ShipMyRide's office in Calgary, AB.
I admit I was doubtful and I was scared. I got my car shipping quote on April 24, after all I paid (I had a good deal, the cheapest I found in one month of car shipping search) and I put my car on the line.
Awesome feeling seeing my car sitting on their shipping lot by May 2nd!
The deal and the schedule was right, and worked perfect for my moving schedule.
I'm happy. I'd recommend. Thank you. Keep it up.
I hope I wont have to ship another car again but if I do, I'll come to you guys!

Joseph S
(April 2015)