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Canada Flag Day ShipMyRide

Did you know that since Canada’s beginning as a country in 1867, we didn’t have an "official” flag?

While the British Royal Union banner was frequently utilized, and afterward later a Canadianized version of the British Red Ensign, nor were really the official flags for Canada.

In 1964, the Prime Minister Lester Pearson’s personal choice was three red leaves on a white background with blue borders, but Canada’s official colours were only red and white. In the end the all-party committee settled the debate once and for all with the choice of the single red leaf with two red borders.Today we celebrate the 53rd anniversary of our flag. A symbol of honour, perseverance and courage.

Check out these curious facts about our Canadian Flag·         
      - Only the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a more recognized symbol of Canada, according to a 2013 Statistics Canada Survey.·         
      - The Canada flag is twice as long as it is wide and no other national flag in the world uses those dimensions.·         
      - The flags flown on Parliament Hill are given away to Canadians for free, but you might have to wait 40 to 60 years just to get one.

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