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Are you trying to ship your vehicle to a different city? Province? Or even, to the United States? You have found the right vehicle shipping company for you! 

SHIP MY RIDE is a very well-established car shipping company with many years in the industry. We know what is best for our customers, therefore, we offer them with a variety of choices when it comes to ship their vehicles to a new location. Are you looking for something more comfortable? Well, you can always take advantage of our Door-to-Door service, so we can go pick your truck, car or SUV up and ship it to its new destination! 

We know long drives when having no time are really obnoxious, so why don't you leave the vehicle shipping process to a team of experts who are willing to ship your call anywhere you would like in Canada and The United States. Do you need to move your vehicle from Camrose to Calgary? Montreal to Camrose? Camrose to Vancouver? or any other place? 
We'll do it, at no time! 

Camrose car shipping - Ship My Ride

Camrose is situated about 90 kilometres (56 mi) from Edmonton, the capital of Alberta. Camrose is a small city, but is actively growing along Highway 13, which runs through its centre. Camrose is located in a transitory region of Alberta, between prairie and boreal forest, known as aspen parkland. It is a major economic centre for many small farming communities in the surrounding area. The Stoney Creek runs through the city and flows into the Battle River south of the city.

Our Goal is to serve in your auto shipping in a timely manner and ensure your satisfaction with our fleet of trucks and our committed staff… not only today but also for future vehicle shipments, by leading the way in the car shipping industry standards in Canada.

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