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When you decide to ship your vehicle by rail you need to have all the information possible when it comes to auto transport.The dimensions on the car and the actual container are crucial for the safety of your vehicle during transport. From each mirror of your vehicle to the side of a rail container there is only one inch and a half.  Rail car shipping - Ship My Ride

*** Our Rail service is limited in Canada, ask your customer service rep for more details ***

Your vehicle will be placed on a container and that container on a multi-carrier that moves through Canada by rail tracks. There's many points for check up when it comes to shipping by rail. there must be precision and professionalism when loading and off loading.

Offloading? Yes, yous vehicle might get offloaded on several terminals if the load requires. Expert drivers is a must and you must be informed on this situations.

There might be some dangers on this type of vehicle shipping. since the containers are not monitored by the driver 24/7 a chance of vehicle theft in always a possibility. The containers are enclosed boxes that might be tight for your vehicle, there is always the chance as well of having damage on your vehicle if it is not loaded into the car transport container properly or if the vehicle is not secured appropriate for its transportation process. 

SHIP MY RIDE will take care of all the logistics involved in moving or transporting your vehicle in Canada, specially for long shipping car moves. Our dedicated certified car shipping company offers rail service, this is a very useful tool when it comes to transport vehicles for a long distance An example can be transporting a vehicle from Vancouver,BC to Halifax,NS. The service has a lower cost but the time frame is wider on car shipping.

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