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Car shipping, auto transport Estevan Saskatchewan, SK

Car Transport Services in Estevan -
Saskatchewan Auto Shipping

The first settlers in what was to become Estevan arrived in 1892, along with the expansion of the Rail way. It was incorporated as a village in 1899, and later became a town in 1906. On March 1, 1957, Estevan acquired the status of a city, which, in Saskatchewan terms, is any community of 5,000 or more.

The name origin is attributed to George Stephen's Registered Telegraphic Address, Estevan. George Stephen was the first President of the Canadian Pacific Rail way from 1881 to 1888.

If you are transporting an exotic vehicle from a province to another in Canada you should ask the car hauler company if they offer the option for enclosed trailer service. This type of car hauler truck will protect your vehicle during transportation from any external damage that might occur on the car shipping trip like hail, or stone chips, and rock flying up from the tires of other vehicles that might cause some damage on the windows or windshield of your vehicle. Transporting a car of this value or denomination (exotic auto) enclosed car carrier is the best shipping service to guarantee the safety of your vehicle.

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