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Auto Transport Tips for Car Shipping

Moving is not a simple process. Moving your vehicle may be a little bit of work, but not impossible. There are several tips that you should keep in mind once you have decided to ship your vehicle to a new city.

Available moving budget

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When looking for a car carrier or an auto shipping firm, knowing your budget is critical because pricing can vary greatly. Keep in mind that auto shipping company charge in a variety of methods, such as per kilometre, per mile, and per hour. It is contingent on the auto shipping business you contact.

Use what you got for your benefit

Now a days we have great set of tools, and a big deal of information in our hands, use it! On the Internet you can research car shipping companies in Canada from different places to ask for their auto shipping quotes, their services, and all the car shipping details you may want to know.

Background search

Most of the companies in Canada offer free auto transport quotes, some of them are instant some of them are not; you request to be contacted either, by phone or email.

Also on the Internet you can look for reviews for those companies in Canada, as well as previous customers transport experiences with them. There’s tons of information you can gather from the auto transport companies that you might be interested in shipping with.

Value to what’s valuable

Another important tip is to keep clear that the cheapest is not always the better. It’s a matter of cost and value. Your peace of mind is more valuable than saving some dollars when trusting your vehicle to an auto transport company. Evaluate the benefits offered with the price given, and the information previously gathered. Don’t trust your vehicle to just anybody! Be sure that transport experts are handling it!

Ask, ask, ask

Don’t keep any questions to yourself, try to find an answer to all of the inquiries that go through your mind. Car shipping might be new for you and companies understand that you may have questions about it.

Title vs. reality

Always make sure of who you are dealing with. Many times brokers try to appear as a car hauling company and they are not. They subcontract other companies for your move and sometimes those companies may not have the proper insurance or training to take care of your vehicle.


Be sure of what you hand in

Note that some companies won’t take your vehicle with content inside. Be sure of removing personal items from your vehicle before shipping. Hold on with a list of details of your vehicle. Mark any scratches, bumps and content inside, for you to be sure that you receive exactly what you handed in.


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