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Auto transport Manitoba MB SHIP MY RIDEAuto Transport Services in Manitoba

Many factors influence shipping costs, including distance travelled, vehicle size, terminal or door pickups, type of shipping service, and the choice of enclosed or open shipping. Having SHIP MY RIDE transport your vehicle is the best choice! We have experienced staff in car transport, ready to book your vehicle for shipping when moving it to Manitoba or out of Manitoba. If your car is ready to be transported give us a call, contact us or simply complete the car shipping quote form. 

Manitoba is a Canadian prairie province. The province, with an area of 649,950 square kilometres (250,900 sq mi), has a largely continental climate and flat topography. Agriculture, mostly concentrated in the fertile southern and western parts of the province, is vital to the province's economy; other major industries are transportation, manufacturing, mining, forestry, energy, and tourism.Manitoba's capital and largest city, Winnipeg, is Canada's eighth-largest Census Metropolitan Area, and home to 60 percent of the population of the province

Here at SHIP MY RIDE we take care of our customers, we will be more than glad to assist you with any question you have about auto transport business or specifically about SHIP MY RIDE. Please contact us if you have any questions: 
Call us: 1-888-875-SHIP

will make sure you get the top level treatment you and your vehicle deserve when auto shipping in Canada. 

SHIP MY RIDE is a certified platinum member of the Auto Transport Association since 2009. That certification proves the quality of the auto transport service SHIP MY RIDE provides. So if you are still thinking about which car carrier company to choose, SHIP MY RIDE is the answer.

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