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Car Transport Services Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions -Ship My Ride

HIP MY RIDE recognizes that car shipping is not something you deal with on a daily basis, but we are confident that it is something you must be cautious about. We are prepared to meet your expectations when it comes to transporting your automobile. Auto transport is a complex process and we are more than happy to answer any car shipping questions you may have by simply using the contact us button. Here are some of the most frequent asked questions.

1.- Where can I ship my car in Canada?


  • SHIP MY RIDE can help you with the shipping or transportation of your  car to anywhere in Canada no matter where you are located we will get your car transported.


2.- How far in advanced should I arrange the shipment of my ride?


  • When you want to ship your car/vehicle you need to make all of the arrangements at least one week on advance of your pick-up date in order for you to get your vehicle faster and without any troubles.


3.- What kind of car carrier to use to ship/ transport my vehicle?


  • We offer open car carrier service and also enclosed car shipping service. 


4.- I don’t want to have my car shipped on an open trailer. Do you have the enclosed car carrier option too?


  • SHIP MY RIDE can accommodate enclosed trailer shipping. 


5.- Do prices vary when I want to transport/ ship my car by size of type?


  • Yes, the prices vary depending on the size of your vehicle it doesn’t require the same space for a car carrier to ship a small car than shipping a truck or an SUV, that might take two spots on the trailer.


6.- Shipping or moving my truck do I need to provide more information about it?


  • Yes, when we are talking about shipping trucks we need to know if your unit is a single, double rear, 4x4, extended or short cab, dually, etc. since we need to make sure of the space and weight your truck/vehicle is going to require.


7.- What if my vehicle/ truck has been modified after factory production?


  • If your vehicle has been modified please indicate this in your online car shipping quote as this may or may not affect transport and may or may not change the cost of car shipping or transportation your vehicle.


8.- Can I ship or leave personal items with my car?


  • In most cases the answer is no, but special arrangements can be made. Please indicate in your online car shipping quote the type and quantity of the contents that you would like to include as long as there are possession is legal.


9.- What can I do to ensure my vehicle is ready for transportation?


  • Make sure your vehicle has at least a quarter of a tank of fuel, is in good mechanical and running condition, your emergency brake is operational, the battery is charged, provide a copy of the vehicles insurance, and provide us with any other details that you might feel are important to ensure the safe delivery of your unit/vehicle (i.e.: special starting instructions etc.). This will help to prevent any additional charges.


10.- Why does the vehicle need to have fuel when they ship it?


  • We drive the vehicle into the car carrier truck and same thing when we are dropping the unit. Having a quarter of fuel is more than enough for us to handle your car's shipping.


11.- How and when do I pay for my shipment?


  • You may pay by direct deposit, credit card or E-Transfer. The payment needs to be done before we take your vehicle into shipping.


12.- Do you take credit cards for auto shipping booking?


  • Yes, we do. We take VISA and MASTERCARD.


13.- Can I transport or ship a vehicle that is not running?


  • Yes. Please indicate this information with your request for a quote online. (Additional charges may apply.)


14.- How long does it take to ship my vehicle?


  • We will provide you with an estimated shipping time. Transport time will vary according to weather and road conditions, the distance traveled, and any unforeseen mechanical instance.


15.- What happens if my vehicle is damaged during transport?


  • In the unlikely occurrence that your vehicle is damaged, which is rare, providing that pre-existing vehicle conditions, including any vehicle modifications, do not interfere with safe loading and unloading, there will be no deductible charged to you with three quotes.


16.- How important is it to put accurate information in my quote?


  • It is very important that the information you provide is accurate as this will help ensure the timely shipment of your vehicle and will also help prevent any delays or additional charges. We take pride in the service we provide, however, in order not to inconvenience other customers, please ensure your vehicle is ready for pick-up and drop-off in order not to incur additional costs.


17.- Do you ship or transport cars in Canada?


  • Yes, we do. Our job is to make your life easier.


18.- Can you pick up my car in my house?


  • Going into residential areas is not allowed by law with big semi trucks. However we have the Door-to-Door service where we send our drivers to pick up or deliver your units (Additional charges may apply).