Contact Information

  • Toll Free: 1-888-875-SHIP
  • Direct: 403-800-9292
  • Fax: 403-800-9291
  • Address: 10612 24th ST SE, T2C 4Z7 Calgary, AB

I Need to Move my Car to Thompson

Auto trasnport services Canada Thompson certified car carrier SHIP MY RIDE

SHIP MY RIDE can transport any type of vehicle or truck in Canada. We can transport all type of vehicles, exotic cars, classic autos, sports autos... you name it. We will ship it, the job will get done with certified car carrier drivers on the proper auto transport equipment, fully insured!

One of the shipping service that we offer is the Door-To-Door auto shipping service, which basically means that we will be in charge of picking-up your vehicle at your house and we will also be in charge dropping it off at your newest destination!

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