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Moving my Car into the Yukon 

Dawson City Car Shipping Services

Auto transport Dawson Yukon territories YT with SHIP MY RIDE


Dawson City is a well preserved, living and breathing cultural and historic oasis tucked away in the middle of the Yukon wilderness. If you are planning on moving to this amazing city take in consideration the risks there is when you drive unknown highways, specially in some seasons of the year.

***At this time SHIP MY RIDE is not shipping into Dawson City. We can only service the City of Whitehorse.***

Safe and friendly, Dawson City's community of 1800, has all of the modern amenities a discerning traveler would require; yet offers rustic accommodations for a more authentic experience. Doesn't matter whether you are spending your holidays in this city or planning something a little more long term, we want to remind you that saying good bye to your vehicle is not necessary. SHIP MY RIDE has years of experience reuniting vehicles with their owners in their new city. We transport vehicle and trucks anywhere in Canada.

There are different types of transporting businesses out there and its important to identify the differences, A car transport company is the company who has the vehicle on their control, therefore, they have the most reliable information when it comes to provide an update of the vehicle's transport. It is the main source of information since they have the car carriers driver information directly. When you need to move your car or truck in Canada contact SHIP MY RIDE to get a quality service with a reliable car carrier company.

Do not send your vehicle to the road if you are not 100% sure of who is transporting it. If you want more vehicle transport information CONTACT US at any time, we will be more than happy to answer your questions about vehicle transport in Canada.


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