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Kindersley is a town in west central Saskatchewan, Canada, located at Section 10, Township 29, Range 23, West of the 3rd Meridian, along highway 7, a primary highway linking Calgary, Alberta and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is an established industrial base for the resource-rich west central region of the province and a service center hub to the oil and gas industry and agriculture production.

Our vehicle shipping clients relay on us to deliver a prompt, secure service wherever they need in any type of vehicle you need to move, wither a truck or a car. SHIP MY RIDE's competitive prices and proper safe insurance make us a great choice when it comes to auto shipping in Canada and the USA.

SHIP MY RIDE is a company with several years of experience handling different types of cars, trucks, SUV's, exotic cars between many other kind of vehicles. So that means we are a reliable auto carrier company and that gives our auto transport customers the tools they need to make a decision about picking a car carrier company in Canada or in the United States. And if that is not enough, SHIP MY RIDE is a certified car carrier company by the Auto Transport Association, being recognized as a platinum member since 2009. Being certified by this association proves the quality of the car shipping service SHIP MY RIDE provides.

If you have any questions about how SHIP MY RIDE works, how the car auto transport service in Canada and the Unites States works, how much would it be from Kindersley to any place in Canada or the United States or maybe just asking for a free quote, don't hesitate on giving us a call, sending us an email o calling us to our toll free number.

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