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Greater Sudbury is the only census division in Northern Ontario that maintains a system of numbered municipal roads, similar to the county road system in the southern part of the province. There are three highways connecting Sudbury to the rest of Ontario: Highway 17 is the main branch of the Trans-Canada Highway, connecting the city to points east and west. An approx
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imately 21-kilometre (13 mi) segment of Highway 17, from Mikkola to Whitefish, is freeway.

The highway bypasses the city via two separately-constructed roads, the Southwest and Southeast Bypasses, that form a loop around the southern end of the city's urban core for traffic travelling through Highway 17. 

The former alignment of Highway 17 through the city is now Municipal Road 55; Highway 69, also a branch of the Trans-Canada Highway, leads south to Parry Sound, where it connects to the Highway 400 freeway to Toronto. Highway 400 is being extended to Greater Sudbury and is scheduled for completion in 2017, and Highway 144 leads north to Highway 101 in Timmins.

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