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Neepawa is a town in Manitoba, Canada located on the Yellowhead Highway at the intersection with Highway 5. As of 2011 its population was 3,629. Neepawa was incorporated as a town in 1883. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Langford and bordered to the north by the Rural Municipality of Rosedale. Neepawa is the self-proclaimed Lily capital of the world in part because of its Lily Festival. The town has also been named "Manitoba's Most Beautiful Town", more than any other community in the province.

The lands around Neepawa were primarily used by the Cree and the Assiniboine many years before the Europeans settlement. Native people in the are followed a regular cycle by following the Plains Bisonto take shelter in the areas north of Neepawa come from the word for "Land of Plenty" , this name was first used in 1873. Before the settlement, in the area there were Europeans who were primarily fur traders. 
In 1870 the Province of Manitoba was established in 1870, the Neepawa area was in what is known today as The Northwest Territories. In the next thirty years, many settler lived in the area. They came from countries like British Isles, Poland and Hungary and they built the Hun Valley Settlement.When the western edge of the postage stamp province was expanded in 1881, that is when Neepawa joined Manitoba.

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