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Manitoba Canada Car Shipping - Ship My Ride
In SHIP MY RIDE we know that for our customers just picking up a vehicle and having it taken to some place else without the proper security is not what can be considered a good car shipping service. In our company the standards go much more higher than that, we like to offer our customers the trust and security they expect from the top company in the business area.

The road is full of potential threats for vehicles and customers, and we understand that. That is why our highly qualified drivers and our experienced dispatchers are always studying the roads and planning the routes to ensure a safe and quick delivery of your vehicle.

You need to SHIP YOUR RIDE from or to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba? Contact SHIP MY RIDE, we are proud to include Manitoba inside our delivery range, if you need fast and efficient service rest assured that we will work hard to live up to your standards and beyond!

Portage la Prairie is a small city in the Central Plains Region of Manitoba, Canada. As of 2011, the population was 12,996. The area of the city was 24.67 square kilometres (9.53 sq mi).

Portage la Prairie is located approximately 75 kilometres (47 mi) west of Winnipeg, along the Trans Canada Highway (located exactly between the provincial boundaries of Saskatchewan and Ontario), and sits on the Assiniboine River, which flooded the town persistently until a diversion channel north to Lake Manitoba (the Assiniboine River Floodway) was built to divert the flood waters. The city is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie.

In SHIP MY RIDE we have high standards to reach when taking vehicle shipping orders from our private customers and dealers, we believe on constant communication, delivering accurate information and hard work to get to our delivery car shipping goal.

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