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SHIP MY RIDE is a certified car carrier in Canada, We are based out of Calgary, AB. Our car shipping experienced team are able to answer any auto transport questions. We are proud to say we have been in the auto transport industry for several years. SHIP MY RIDE team understands what auto shipping is all about. From our car carrier drivers to our auto shipping expert receptionist, we will make sure we go the extra mile to deliver the best car transport service to all our customers, whether they are car dealers or private customers.

Winkler has long been and continues to be one of Manitoba's fastest growing cities. Thus, although the most recent census (2006) states that Winkler has a population, of 9,106, it is estimated that, as of 2010, the population is closer to approximately 10,000. If you need to ship your ride from Winkler or into Winkler you need to make sure you have got the right information on auto shipping.
There are many auto transport services in Canada. There are also many types of shipping companies. There are even deceiving look-like auto shipping companies that may not have the experience, equipment, insurance or professionalism as a certified car shipping company.

Our car shipping clients relay on us to deliver a prompt, secure car shipping service wherever they need. Our competitive prices make us a great auto transport choice when it comes to auto shipping. Search no more, SHIP MY RIDE is the answer to your auto transport!

We encourage you to make some research on auto transport in Canada and in the Unites States, you will see there are many types of car transport companies and vehicle shipping services. Some may not be as clear as they should, you have got a car shipping question? Contact SHIP MY RIDE today and get all you auto transport doubts cleared out!

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