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At SHIP MY RIDE we want to do business with you. We want to be North America’s #1 certified car transport or certified shipping carrier, to be your first choice when you have to move your vehicle. Doesn’t matter if you have one vehicle or a truck, a full load (6-9 cars or trucks) or a whole fleet, SHIP MY RIDE offers customized logistics solutions, car move s and shipping solutions and great customer service in Oakville.

A prosperous merchant and entrepreneur, purchased 960 acres of land around the mouth of the Sixteen Mile creek and established a new community which became the Town of Oakville. In 1953, Hazel Chisholm Mathews, great-granddaughter of William Chisholm, founded the Oakville Historical Society (OHS) to discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge of the town's history.
The Society's archival collection had its beginnings when Hazel Mathews discovered historic papers and documents in the Custom House in the 1930's and additional documents and artifacts under boards in Erchless and in other locations. Additional donations have resulted in today's wide-ranging archival and photographic collection.

SHIP MY RIDE offers door to door car moving service, which means that we move your vehicle, exotic car or truck from your old residence to your new residence, your car, truck vehicle will be directly delivered to your home door!


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