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SHIP MY RIDE has developed a communication process that will allow the client be aware of the status of their car shipping operation during the process. It is important for you to know each part of the vehicle moving process and what it is. Our car shipping process has been certified by the Auto Transport Association. 

Auto transport/car moving procedure, there might find different stages.

1. Quote: In this stage the car shipping company receives the information from the customer where they provide Year/Make/Model from where to where the vehicle is going to be shipped. Also if the vehicle is non-running or there is a problem with it, it should also be mentioned. The more information you provide on the status of the car will ensure the accuracy of your final price. Here is the part of the development where you need to ask all of the questions you have so you get a better idea of what will happen with your car/truck or specific instructions you want to give to the shipping company.

2. Book: This is the second step and it means that the order has been given to the car transport company, it doesn't mean that the car or truck is on transit. It means that they already have the automobile set to be taken into transportation.

3. Assigned: In this stage the vehicle or truck is about to be picked up since it has been assigned to a specific trip or car carrier truck to get it moving on a certified car carrier.

4. Pick-up: In this stage the operation can be divided in two different scenarios, auto will be picked-up and directed in transit or, picked up and go into depot.

5. Depot: The vehicle is on a secured compound ready to go on transit but the certified car carrier truck is not ready to leave to destination. This can be for pick up or delivery.

6. Transit: Vehicle is on the road now and  we start counting the days for the delivery.

7. Delayed: Once the automobiles go into transit there are things that we cannot control like weather or breakdowns, this means the pick up or delivery date needs has been moved, or pushed back.

8. Delivered: It means the automobile has been delivered to the final destination.

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