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We are currently not shipping vehicles into or out of the USA


Shipping cars - Ship My Ride

When you need to ship, transport or move a vehicle, truck or auto anywhere in Canada or the United States, Ship My Ride is the solution. We are a certified auto moving/ transport company located in Calgary, Alberta and we can ship/ transport your vehicle from east to west, north and south!

SHIP MY RIDE is a car transport company dedicated to ship or move your vehicles in a safe and timely manner, with the proper equipment and reliable staff ready to coordinate you auto moving needs. Quality in service is our motto and we are proud to make it happen. We have many years of experience moving vehicles, cars and trucks all across Canada. We can transport/ship your family automobile, your work truck, vacation car, we will make sure your ride gets to you!

We can move your car or truck to Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary… You name it! We are a Canadian certified car shipping/transporting company – not a broker.

You don’t have to worry when it comes to moving your your ride or car in Canada, you must know that our company, SHIP MY RIDE is a professional certified vehicle transport company that carries $2,000,000 of insurance. This protects your car when it’s being shipped from province to province, city to city in all of Canada and even to the United States giving as a result having a safe and reliable ride shipping company moving your vehicle.

SHIP MY RIDE will take care of all the logistics involved in moving or transporting your vehicle. Our dedicated car moving company offers terminal to terminal service, this means that you can drop off your vehicle at one of our vehicle shipping compounds for us to transport it and also pick it up at the at the city's compound it was shipped to!


SHIP MY RIDE also offers door to door car shipping delivery service, which means that we ship your vehicle/auto or truck from your old residence to your new residence, just imagine your auto/vehicle direct to your door at no time!

Our car carrier fleet is all about well-maintained car transport/carrier trailers, insured car shipping trucks, combined with our knowledgeable in car transport/shipping business and friendly staff will ensure the safe and timely delivery of your ride (vehicle/truck/auto) wherever you want it in Canada and the United States.

At SHIP MY RIDE we take pride in what we do and we value you as our customer.

Whenever a vehicle is transported, even if it is in an enclosed car carrier, it is recommended for it to carry car insurance. For that reason, here in Ship My Ride we recommend our users to check out Canada Insurance Reviews here you will be able to develop an opinion on different car insurance companies and many other types of insurance.

Shipping company - Ship My Ride

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