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We are currently not shipping vehicles into or out of the USA


Car shipping - Ship My Ride

Shipping a vehicle is a complex procedure since there are a lot of things that a car shipping company need to know before giving our vehicles to a car shipping company so they can transport the automobile.

It is really important to get all the proper information from the car shipping company who will do this shipping process for you so you don’t have to worry about anything or have an unpleasant surprise at the end of the day.

At SHIP MY RIDE we want our car shipping customers to know as much as they can about the vehicle shipping process, so they don’t have to worry about anything during auto shipping. We handle our business in a professional way; we will keep you informed about the status of your auto transport, at any time. However, there are some things that we cannot control when we are transporting your vehicle.

So here are some recommendations that we do to our customers before they take any decision in auto transportation.

Selecting the car carrier equipment:

If you are transporting an exotic vehicle from a province to another you should ask if the car shipping carrier has the option for an enclosed trailer. This type of car carrier truck will protect your automobile against any damage that might occur during, the trip like hail damage, or stone chips, and rock flying up from the tires of other vehicles that might cause some damage on the windows or windshield of your automobile. Enclosed trailer carrier is the perfect solution to guarantee the safety of your vehicle.

Car shipping - Ship My Ride

SHIP MY RIDE has this type of service in case you'd like to perform your auto shipping on an enclosed trailer carrier service for your transportation.

Open car carrier is the most common selected type of truck carrier when it comes to move vehicles; dealers are the first customers that choose this truck. Probably your vehicle was carried in this type of truck before you purchased it. It is completely safe and it is a great way to save some dollars in auto transportation.

SHIP MY RIDE car carrier fleet is mostly formed by this type of car transportation truck. Our drivers have the experience to move or transport your auto from anywhere to anywhere, it doesn’t matter if you choose an enclosed or an open carrier SHIP MY RIDE guarantees the safety of your vehicles all across Canada and the US.

We all know that taxes are the one thing that we can't get rid of, so it is really important that by the time a car hauler company discloses a price with you they let you know all the information about their prices.

SHIP MY RIDE will send you the quote once we have the information of the vehicle you are looking to move with the full description for the taxes, the shipping price and the fuel surcharge.

Handling damage:

There are some things that we cannot control when it comes to move a vehicle, so for that car transportation companies are obligated to provide their customer with a statement of the conditions of the unit that will be moved. Once you have this document on your hands you need to verify that everything is stated on that document otherwise the company won’t respond to the damage.

SHIP MY RIDE provides their customers with Condition Reports that disclose the detailed information of the status of the vehicle, it doesn’t matter if the vehicle is new or used it is our best intentions that it arrives in perfect conditions. Also we handle a copy for the Bill of Lading to our customers where all the technical information for the vehicle is listed.

If you wish to know more about this information or you have any other questions you can CONTACT US and one of our experts team will be answering in no time.

Don’t risk your vehicle with any car transport company. At SHIP MY RIDE we will be more than glad to give you everything you need about your vehicle's shipping.

We are a professional car shipping company that can assist you with your car transport, whether it's inside of the province or going to another. Fill in the book your vehicle form for auto shipping and this way you can book your car when it’s ready for transport.

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