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We are currently not shipping vehicles into or out of the USA

Private Transportation - Ship My Ride


Ship My Ride is happy to serve private customers with their personal auto transport. Auto shipping with professional car carriers should be available for everyone at all times, and SHIP MY RIDE is. Saving time and energy to get your vehicle delivered to its new destination is very important for us.

Giving your vehicle to a professional certified car shipping company can save you lots of stress when you are trying to move your vehicle from your current location to a different one. For starters, wouldn't it be so comfortable not having to drive your vehicle all across the highway that you are probably not even familiarized with, not to mention all the hours or even days it takes you to drive your vehicle to your new destination, the fuel, the possibility of an accident Besides those facts, if you ship your vehicle with a professional auto carrier company you can be sure that your vehicle will be delivered as promised, in good conditions, excellent timing, and handled in the most careful ways!

You have to make sure you're trusting your vehicle to a car shipping expert company, don't you? Well, SHIP MY RIDE is a fully insured certified car carrier that transports vehicles not only for privates but also for car dealers all across the country!

With many years in the auto transportation business we understand the different needs and preferences of our clients. Shipping cars is what we do every day, it is what we know. This walks along with our belief of delivering the best customer care service out there.


If you have no clue about this process, don’t worry! Our fully trained and experienced in car transport staff members are ready to answer all your questions in regards of car shipping processes, routines, tips and general information and we will be happy to guide you through the transport process step by step to make your relocation experience the best one. Contact us for more information or to receive a free transport quote.

Our Experts - Ship My Ride


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