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Canada to USA shipping - Ship My Ride

*** At this time, we are not shipping vehicles into or out of the USA***

If you are looking forward to get your vehicle transported from/to the United States there are a few things you have to take into consideration before you do it. 

These are some auto shipping questions that you will ask yourself before calling a certified car shipping company, like SHIP MY RIDE to get a shipping quote.

1. Do I need an enclosed or an open car carrier?

To see if you need an enclosed car carrier you can verify these points and then evaluate. Once you have responded you will know what type of vehicle carrier you need.

a) A Collection or Exotic Car.

b) Shipping Destination 

c) Weather conditions. 

2. Do I have the paperwork for auto transport customs?

When it comes to move a vehicle or truck from the United Stated to Canada you must have the original documents to get this vehicle into another country. You also might want to check if you have all of the information required in case you'd like to import the car or truck. It is very important to provide SHIP MY RIDE with all the paperwork for customs since it is not an easy process to fulfill it. 

3. Do I want the car carrier to do the vehicle shipping and paperwork themselves or do I need to find an specialized company?

Having two different companies might be not the best thing to do unless they are extremely coordinated since it is essential to have all the documents ready to show by the time the vehicle is in the border otherwise the certified carrier might charge you for the time they were waiting to move.

SHIP MY RIDE is aware of all of the things you are looking for in a certified auto shipping company and we have everything you need. We can provide assistance for the paperwork, the customs process, and at the same time transport your vehicle. Our recommendation is to have only one company to do everything so it is as coordinated as possible.

If you are looking to ship or transport your vehicle from/to the United States, SHIP MY RIDE, as a certified car carrier company, has everything it takes to make it possible.

Feel free to CONTACT US at any time or you can also GET a CAR SHIPPING QUOTE and we will assist you during the process.

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