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This is the most common type of carrier among dealerships since the capacity can be up to 9 vehicles. That gives them the option to decrease their costs and therefore, the price of the vehicle may change.

Open car carrier is the most common option when is comes to car shipping in Canada.

Using an open car carrier is very useful when it comes to:

This is because it's affordable, safe, reliable and easy, this is the standard type of truck that are used to move or transport vehicles from a place to another. It is completely safe to use since the vehicle is ensure to the certified car carrier with straps and hooks.

However using an open certified car carrier exposes your vehicle to weather conditions, dust and rocks that might damage your windows. 

For these events you can cover your windows so it optimizes the car shipping and your vehicle suffers no damage at all during shipping.

If you are using a non-enclosed car carrier one of the most frequent asked questions on shipping vehicles is: What happens if my vehicle suffers some damage? In this case you need to check with your vehicle transport company what type of insurance they have, in that case you will know in advance to what events you are exposing your vehicle.

Open carrier - Ship My Ride

Using open car carrier for car shipping.

This type of carrier is perfect for short and long runs since handling these units are easier to move and will provide protection to your pocket.

SHIP MY RIDE certified vehicle carrier drivers are aware of the value of the cargo they have on their trucks so you can be sure that your vehicle will be driven by the best. Our reliable fleet is mostly formed by open carriers, these gives us the opportunity to be the best when it comes to prices in the market and the best feed backs from our clients.

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