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Auto Transport - Ship My Ride


Finding a perfect auto transport for your vehicle is very important. You can’t just transport it with any company and expect great results. There are many factors that influence the shipping process when we need to transport our vehicles. Here we will present the most common mistakes you should avoid when shipping your vehicle.

Marrying the first car shipping company you find.

We advise you not to go just with the first car shipping company you find or you were recommended, there are hundreds of car transport companies that can help you moving your car or truck, and they all have different transport services, you need to find the one that suits your auto shipping needs. After all you are not just shipping a box, you are shipping your vehicle and that is something of real value for you.

Not doing research of the car shipping company you are dealing with.

Internet can help us find real past experiences from consumers of most of the auto carriers in Canada. You can seek for reviews, testimonials even check out their social media to see how active they are. Be sure to know if you are dealing with a certified auto carrier or a freight broker to know what to expect and what to ask.

Making car transport price the main factor of decision.

Cheaper doesn't mean BETTER. There’s a reason why the saying ‘The cheapest is not always the best’ is widely used. Never underestimate the car transport service, quality, reputation of the auto transport company you are making business with. Even though cheap sounds good, this might cause you stressful situations and lots of headaches, low quality delivery and customer service. Always ask for QUOTE details and final prices. The services included are important to know to see if it fits your vehicle transport needs.

Not knowing the root of the auto transport company.

The first thing that we need to do before moving a vehicle is to evaluate the car carrier company that will move our vehicle. It is really important that they have the proper equipment and the paperwork required to transport vehicles (Insurance, licenses, etc.) This is something that we need to ask for before delivering our vehicle to anyone. Remember car carriers and brokers are different!

SHIP MY RIDE is a certified auto carrier company with their own fleet of trucks and experienced drivers that have been driving all over Canada. Our reputation precedes us, our clients can share their experiences with you, and our staff is committed to provide you with the best vehicle moving service, the service you deserve!