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When it comes to move a vehicle in a short distance we recommend using an open carrier truck. This is because the availability of this trucks is major than enclosed car carrier trailers. So the service might be faster than what expected.

Car shipping recommendations for short distance moves

If you are thinking about shipping your car within a Canadian province, there are several factor you may consider before making a decision. 


It is recommended to have gas on the vehicle that will be shipped since the unit needs to be driven in and out from the car carrier truck or make some moves with the vehicle. For this we recommend to have ¼ of your automobile's gas tank available for the drive to handle the vehicle. In case more gas during the auto transportation is required you will be informed about it and its going to be reported to you.

Estimated Time of Arrival when car shipping

When you book a auto with any car shipping company they will provide you an estimate of the time it will take to move your vehicle. Transit time works different in the car shipping business since there are regulations that control the amount of driving hours; this is for the security of the car carrier drivers.

An example of an ETA can be Calgary Edmonton, it is located approximately 3 hours. On car haulers the ETA for that run is from 1 – 3 days, this is because there are a lot of things that might delay a car hauler like the  pick up, flat tire, multiple pick up's at an auto dealership, the paperwork, among others. This is why car carriers provide you with a time window. It is something that all car haulers do when it comes to ship a vehicle.

SHIP MY RIDE will let you know exactly the status of the vehicle so you are aware of every step that we take when we are moving your auto so you don’t have to keep on waiting.

Personal Items

It is not recommended to enter personal belongings on the auto that will be in transportation since the carrier won’t be responsible in case of robbery or damage.

This is for the reason that some items can be easily stolen if they are easy to spot by people that are not involved in the transportation of your vehicle. 

Some car transportation companies do not have the permission to carry households on their trucks and the most common response is because it increases the weight of the vehicle and there are weight restrictions that might affect the behavior of the shipping trip.

SHIPMYRIDE car shipping offer

SHIP MY RIDE, as as certified car carrier is aware that some shipping movements are due to relocation this is why we allow having up to 150 lb. on the trunk of the vehicle. However it is under the client responsibility and no illegal items should be in your auto during transportation otherwise the client will be exposed to the authorities. CONTACT US for more information.

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