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  • Direct: 403-800-9292
  • Fax: 403-800-9291
  • Address: 10612 24th ST SE, T2C 4Z7 Calgary, AB


SHIP MY RIDE most valuable asset is the customers since they are the ones who provide us with the work, without you there is no us.

This is why we work to provide the best quality and certified car shipping service when it comes to move vehicles in a safe way. It is really important for us that our customer have peace of mind when they move their car from a place to another in Canada.

Moving vehicles for our private customers.

We are aware of the questions private customers may have like damaging cars, not getting it on time, not knowing where the vehicle is exactly, no one answering the phone and so on.

This is why we let them know on advanced the status of the vehicle shipping at every step that we take. They will be informed at all time with the most accurate information, also any of our members will be qualified to provide you with assistance during the process.

Car shipping services.

Each customer has different needs and tastes, this is why we have different shipping services for them, because each car and truck is different they all have different requirements that we are willing to fulfill, here are some of the transport services that we provide as a car shipping company:

1. Door to Door Car Auto Transport, your vehicle will be picked up and delivered right to your door, residence or workplace. This is a safe car shipping service we give you the option to take.

2. Terminal to Terminal Auto Shipping Service, you can drop off and pick up your vehicle at one of our terminals all over Canada. This is a quality auto transport service available for car shipping in Canada.

3. Open Car Carrier, open trailers to carry your vehicle in a safe and reliable manner, just the way new vehicles are delivered to car dealerships all across the country!

4. Enclosed Car Carrier transport, this will provide an additional protection on your vehicle.

5. Rail Vehicle Transport Service, you can transport your ride on a specialized auto shipping rail, secured and reliable.

6. Flatbed Service, if you are transporting a big truck, any ride that is modified to the point of not fitting in a Carrier.

You can choose more than one service to ship your vehicle, but no matter what you choose you can have the guarantee that your unit will be driven by experts.

CONTACT US if you have more questions, we are going to assist you all the way.