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It is useful to know what we have to do and even have a beneficial checklist of the things we can’t forget for our auto shipping date

Check with your car shipping company

Before you hand in your vehicle to the certified transport company previously chosen, you need to get your car or truck prepared. First of all you need to ask your car shipping company if there are any special instructions from their end. Many car shipping companies may ask you to remove ALL personal content off the vehicle, other auto transport companies may let you leave some content but on the trunk. There are some instructions that you first should find out directly from your company.

Gas in the vehicle

Remember, even if your car won’t be driven to its destination leaving at least a quarter of a tank of gas is crucial. The car carrier driver needs to drive your vehicle into the trailer. Also de
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pending on their load, they might have to get it back down to load another vehicle. A quarter of a tank will be enough to keep up with this transport details.

Cleaning your vehicle for shipping

Having your car washed previous to shipping, can help you determine all of the details that your auto or truck has, and verify those are the only ones showing in the delivery point. Make a list of dents, scratches or other superficial damage your vehicle might have. You can even take pictures to make sure you have a clear idea of what you are handing in.

Your car needs to be checked before shipping 

Since your vehicle/truck will be driven minimally for its shipping you may want to make sure that the battery is fully charged and that the tires are in the right conditions. Also keep an eye on your vehicle previous to shipping to check for any Leaking; if this is the case make sure you inform the driver, so that he can arrange his load in order for your vehicle not to be on top causing damage to the units below it.

The vehicle’s mirrors should be folded back to avoid any damage. Also some items should be removed so secured, for example, your antenna, fog lights, ground effects or spoilers. If your car is convertible make sure you secure the top.

Alarm systems needs to go off for transport

Turning off your alarm is very important as well, you wouldn't want to have your auto or truck alarm going for hours on the back of the truck. If you cannot disable it provide the driver with instructions on how to deactivate it in case it turns on during the trip.

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