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Countdown... Top 20 BEST selling vehicles in Canada for 2017 (20-11 count down)

For the first time ever in Canada, more than a million new vehicles were sold in the first half of 2017, reaching 1.04 million units by the summer (June 2017).

Auto sales in Canada could be on track for a record two million vehicles by the time 2018 arrives, if the trend continues as the first half. 

We will show you the top selling cars in the countdown, we will reveal two per day!

20. FORD EDGE - With 10,719 units sold across the country

Ford Edge Car Shipping - Best selling car

According to, the Ford Edge is the one of the 20 best selling vehicles in Canada for 2017!

"The 2017 Ford Edge is 5-star safety rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – the U.S. Government’s highest overall safety rating –  and comes with the latest Ford tech you need to get the family to the rink safely. We’d venture to say that the only vehicle more ‘hockey’ is an actual Zamboni."

For more info on FORD EDGE, click here

19. JEEP CHEROKEE – 11,196 units sold

Jeep Cherokee Car Shipping - Best selling car

Annual sales of the Jeep Cherokee have fallen moth per month, there seems to be a blame on the significant decline due to the introduction of the far better-looking Compass, which is about the same size as the Cherokee.

Learn more about Jeep Cherokee here

18. HYUNDAI SANTA FE – 11,935 units sold

"Beautifully bold – tackle your active lifestyle with ease in the redesigned 2017 Santa Fe Sport. All-Wheel Drive capability meets dynamic styling and performance with a choice of standard GDI engine or twin-scroll turbocharged GDI." Learn more about Hyundai Santa Fe Here

17. MAZDA CX-5 – 12,067 units sold

Mazda CX5 Car Shipping - Best selling car

"At Mazda, building strong vehicles that deliver a soul-rousing driving experience is our first priority. So we did the impossible: Engineered a vehicle that never sacrifices performance for fuel efficiency." (...) Learn more about Mazda here

16. Chevrolet Equinox – 13,432 units sold

Chevrolet Equinox Car Shipping - Best selling car

A massive clear-out of second-generation models and the introduction of the third-gen Chevrolet Equinox fuelled growth of GM’s compact SUV a whopping 41.7 per cent to date this year, with 13,432 units sold so far. With good looks and plenty of features, the Equinox is on track for its best year ever.

15. Mazda3 – 14,122 units sold

Mazda Mazda 3 Car Shipping - Best selling car

Mazda’s bread-and-butter compact car received a welcome refresh for 2017, including the company’s G-Vectoring control. However, sales have yet to catch the same fire seen a few years ago, and they remain down 0.2 per cent so far this year

NEXT 4 best sold vehicles:

14. Hyundai Tucson - 15,205 units sold

13. Chevrolet Cruze - 15,464 units sold 

12. Nissan Rouge - 22,618 units sold

11. Ford Escape  - 22,618 units sold!

Car Shipping - Best selling car

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