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Meadow Lake is the main business centre in northwest Saskatchewan and serves the many towns and villages as a regional shopping centre. It is the second-largest community in Saskatchewan's Census Division No. 17, after Saskatchewan's portion of the interprovincial city of Lloydminster. Incorporated as a city on November 9, 2009, Meadow Lake became the 14th city in Saskatchewan. The city borders the Rural Municipality of Meadow Lake No. 588 and the Flying Dust First Nation Indian reserve.In 1799 Peter Fidler built Bolsover House near "Lac des Prairies", the first name given to Meadow Lake. Metis families arrived in 1873 establishing a company named Hudson's Bay Company trading post.

If you need assistance transporting your vehicle from Meadow Lake or to Meadow Lake here in SHIP MY RIDE we will be more than glad to assist you in this process. SHIP MY RIDE is a certified platinum car carrier company by the Auto Transport Association since 2009. This means that the transport of your vehicle with SHIP MY RIDE is the option for you. SHIP MY RIDE will take care of everything related to the shipping of your vehicle. Since we have several years of experience in the auto transportation business in Canada and the Unites States we know how to handle many different types of cars, truck, SUV's.

SHIP MY RIDE was established as a certified car carrier company in Canada, with the idea of improving the auto transport delivery service in Canada, making it better with quality customer service and having certified car carrier drivers and insured trucks for our car shipping customers safety. If your are looking for who might be the company responsible for the transportation of your car across Canada and the United States, SHIP MY RIDE  is the answer for this question. SHIP MY RIDE is an auto carrier company which 
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