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Are you thinking about moving your vehicle from/to Carman, Canada? Well, you have found the perfect solution for you! 

SHIP MY RIDE is a vehicle shipping company with many years in the industry, we are a very committed, compromised and caring company, who's always meeting our customer's expectations. 

At SHIP MY RIDE we know what's best for our customer's, that's why we offer a variety of choices when it comes to vehicle shipping. Do you want to transport a collection, exotic or antique vehicle? Well, worry no more about possible damages! SHIP MY RIDE offers Enclosed Car Carriers, in order for your vehicle not to suffer any damage! after all, your car is one of your most valuable goods. At SHIP MY RIDE we really understand our customers have different preferences so, we also offer Open Car Carriers

Car Carrier - Ship My Ride

Are you in a rush? is your flight taking off in the next few hours? Worry no more! 
At SHIP MY RIDE we offer the Door-To-Door service, which basically consists on us, picking up the vehicle you would like to transport at your house and we will also be in charge of, shipping the vehicle to your new place, at no time. 

Carman is a small Agricultural town of about 2,900 people that lies in the Pembina Valley Region of southern Manitoba. Carman is located at the junction of Highways 3 and 13, just 40 minutes southwest of Winnipeg (the capital city of Manitoba). It is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Dufferin. Carman is situated in the heart of a rich prairie agricultural belt, only 60 kilometres north from the American state of North Dakota.

SHIP MY RIDE is a Canadian certified car carrier, Our founder strongly believed that a well formed car shipping team can bring the best to reality in the car shipping industry.

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